Once a Mom, Always a Mom

People ask me all the time how I do everything there is to do, and I am quick to acknowledge that I don't. I have a terrific husband who is always there and fabulous daughters who are willing to do anything I ask--plus many other people who are always so willing to help. In addition, Mom Pat (who lives in southern Utah) comes up often to help out with cleaning the house, various decorating projects, and so many other things that I can't number them all.

She's been here this week, helping out with a fun home project (I'll be talking more about that next week), and I've been reminded that once a mom, always a mom--regardless of how old your children are. On Thursday, I had some dental surgery, and while it wasn't terrible, it wasn't pleasant either. I have to eat soft foods and take pain medication and--the hardest part of all for me--not talk too much or laugh hardly at all! (Thankfully, the not talking part was only the first day!)

Anyway, Mom Pat has taken such good care of me. She's made sure I had plenty of soft food, water always available, pills taken--all the things that a mom does to take care of her little girl. Whatever I've needed, she's been right there with it. I don't know what I would have done these past few days without her; I've been so grateful for her! And I have to admit, it feels kind of nice to be mothered once in awhile. . .