An Art Show to Remember

We took a quick trip down to St. George yesterday—down and back in one day. That’s a lot of hours on the road, but it was worth it. We went down to attend a very important art show featuring a very important photographer—our son-in-law Jon Brown (who is married to Shalae)!

As I’ve mentioned before, Jon graduated this year with a degree in photography, and he’s heading to graduate school this fall. To celebrate, Stampin’ Up!’s legal counsel and firm (Jones Waldo) offered to host an art show during St. George’s annual art festival. They did a wonderful job—designing, printing, and mailing out postcard invitations, advertising the show, setting things up, arranging for delicious hors d’oeuvres. . . it was fabulous!

Of course, it was all the backdrop to a wonderful art show with (as one attendee said—not me, by the way!) “not your average art—this is extraordinary!” Jon went to Italy on a study abroad program last summer and took tons of photos, and he’s done some amazing things with those photos. He had lots of them looped on a DVD that ran throughout the show, but then he took several of the photos and transferred them to different media, such as fabric, vellum, or paper with colors. The result was stunning. (Here are just a few of his pieces.)

The show lasted through today (although the law firm is going to keep the pieces up for awhile), and several of them sold. One man from Italy came in yesterday and then returned today; he purchased my favorite (Weathered Venice) to give to his wife, also Italian, for Easter.

Jon’s birthday was also yesterday, so after the show, the four of us went out for dinner and celebrated. We didn’t leave St. George until quite late, which meant we didn’t arrive home until even later (it’s about a four-hour trip), but it was time well spent with Jon and Shalae—it was the highlight of the week.