Bolo Ties and Thanks

Since Grandpa Great’s funeral, I’ve been thinking about a thank-you card to send to those who donated to the Kanab City Park (a project he invested a lot of time in years ago, which the Gardner family is in the midst of renovating), sent flowers, or participated in other ways. I haven’t spent a ton of time, but I’ve spent enough time talking and thinking about it that Sterling asked me why I was going to so much bother. “Just make a simple card,” he said.

But what my darling sweetheart doesn’t understand is that I’m creating this card not just for Uke (although I believe he’ll see it and appreciate it) but also for me. This is perhaps one of the last opportunities I’ll have to express my love and appreciation for this dear man, so I want the card to be just right.

So here’s what I came up with.

Let me explain a little. Uke wore bolo ties most of his life during the week (he wore regular knotted ties to church). The braided hemp on the card is reminiscent of that type of tie. you may not have recognized that right off, but now that you know what I was going for, I hope you’ll humor me and say that that’s EXACTLY what it looks like! (smile)

The paper is Parisian Breeze Specialty DSP, which is one of my absolute favorites. While you wouldn’t think it was a terribly masculine pattern, there are enough stripes and plaids to work for this design. And then when I add a photo of Grandpa Great (I wanted people to picture him in their minds when they received the card, so I helped out with a visual), I think this card accomplishes what I wanted.

I’m looking forward to sending these to people who meant a lot to Grandpa and who continue to mean a lot to us!