Spitting in Seattle

I’ve spent this weekend in Seattle. I’ve missed the last two regionals, and this is the last one for the year, so I was so grateful to be here.

When we got up Friday morning, it was raining outside, so those of us from the home office checked out umbrellas from the hotel and began walking the couple of blocks to the regional site. Along the way we met a demonstrator, who smiled at us and said it was obvious we were not locals, and not just because we were hiding under hotel umbrellas, but because we had umbrellas in the first place. Apparently, it wasn’t really raining—it was only “spitting.” And true Washingtonians don’t even use umbrellas when it’s just spitting. I’ll try to keep that in mind for next time! (smile)

Saturday the weather was sunny and beautiful, so we got to leave our umbrellas behind!

The regional itself was fabulous. I love being with our demonstrators. The energy was high, there were great presentations, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

For my onstage presentation, I focused on the matchbox die—showing several different project ideas. I love this die because it’s so quick and easy, and you can do so much with it!

I stayed here in the Seattle area so I could spend some time with Sara and Sean and their family. I’ll share more of that tomorrow.