A Bunch of Reasons to Love Seattle

I loved spending this weekend in the Seattle area—for the obvious reasons shown above, of course. But there are a bunch of other reasons as well. . .

Monday Was Saturday: I don’t remember a Saturday in the past many weeks when I’ve been able to relax and wind down (isn’t that what Saturdays are supposed to be for?), and today (Monday) I finally enjoyed one of those days. There was nothing on the agenda, nothing on my to-do list, no deadlines looming or urgent issues hanging. I simply hung out with my family and loved every minute.

Sunshine and Seventy Degrees: That never happens on the Washington coast! Or at least in the many times I’ve visited! It was so nice and warm that we went out on the trampoline and watched the kids perform. Each one had a trick or two; even Stella did a rollover. We applauded and laughed and soaked in the sun, instead of the rain.

Feeling Special: When we went to church yesterday, there wasn’t an empty bench that we all could fit on, so we split up, with Sidney and me sitting on one bench, and everyone else sitting on the bench behind. As the meeting progressed, one by one, each of the grandchildren came up to sit by Grandma (except for baby Stella, of course). It felt great to be wanted and loved!

Movies and Snuggling; As I mentioned above, I didn’t have an agenda or a to-do list this weekend. So when we watched a movie last night, I snuggled with grandchildren instead of finishing a project or doing something else to keep my hands occupied.

Long Washington Walks: This morning Sara and I, each pushing a stroller, went on a walk for more than an hour. We killed three birds with one stone, so to speak. We got some great exercise, we connected and communicated (not that Sara and I ever have a problem with that!), and we got the two youngest children out in the sunshine (they sang and chattered the whole time as well!).

The Bahama Breeze Tradition: We continued our tradition at the Bahama Breeze, one of our favorite restaurants. It’s near the airport, so we often eat there with Sara and Sean and the kids. If we’re traveling through the area but don’t have enough time to go to their house, they’ll jump in the car and we’ll be able to at least get together for a meal. And if we’ve been staying with them, it’s where we eat our last meal, because it’s close enough to the airport that you know you’ll be able to make your flight and so you can relax and enjoy those last few minutes.

The weekend was glorious, and I feel ready for tomorrow. I don’t remember when I’ve been ready for a work day. Not that I hate work days—I almost always enjoy heading into work—but tonight I actually feel ready. I definitely needed my weekend in Washington!