Two Days of Delight

Everybody has a yearning to create, and the last two days I’ve been able to fulfill that yearning for the first time in weeks. I’m working on projects for my Main Stage presentation during the Australia convention, and spending the time in my stamp studio has been a sheer delight!

Sterling left yesterday to go on a horse ride (his first in weeks), and I’ve been home alone. I can play the music I want to listen to, stay up late without feeling guilty, and stamp to my heart’s content with absolutely no interruptions and without feeling rushed. (I might feel differently by Monday when I’m trying to wrap things up and make my flight!)

I enjoy the journey of creativity, mixing and matching things and hoping they’ll coordinate, trying new techniques, and coming up with different ideas. I think what I love most about creating is the sense of accomplishment when you look at a finished project and like what you see.

I’ve experienced several a-ha moments, when I’ve discovered a little tip or trick that makes something easier or unexpected. I’m looking forward to sharing a bunch of those during convention. I won’t be able to show my projects here—we reserve convention projects for convention attendees only—but I just finished a thank-you card for the employees who we let go last week that I can share.

Obviously, I couldn’t be in more than one place at a time, so I wasn’t able to thank people in person, but I wanted to at least send a card to thank them for all they did for us. 

Sterling comes back tonight, and while I love having him home, I must admit I’ve sure enjoyed these past two days.  It just doesn’t get much better than stamping and stitching and tearing and gathering to your heart’s content!