The Gardner Girls' Gathering at a Glance

We had our almost-annual Gardner Girls’ Gathering this weekend. We try to do it every year, although we don’t always get it scheduled. Sometimes we take a trip somewhere, but this year we decided to stay close to home. All the girls came to our home and we spent a fabulous weekend visiting, creating, shopping, eating, and relaxing. Does it get any better than that?

Here are a few of the highlights:


·       Thursday afternoon: Shalae arrives early. I’m not quite ready, so she gets to help me put the finishing touches on the pillow gifts. These gifts may look familiar to some of you; they’re left over from Founder’s Circle—one of the perks of owning the company. I handstamped the cards though, basing them on a project I showed in Australia during their convention.

·       Thursday evening: Megan arrives. We eat dinner, relax, and watch a movie. We try to get to bed early because we know we won’t be getting to bed early for the next several nights!

·       Friday morning: A leisurely breakfast. Sage arrives just in time for her massage. (Shalae, Megan, and I had already enjoyed ours!)

·       Friday early afternoon: Sara calls. She’s able to catch an earlier flight! We rearrange a few plans and head to the airport to pick her up.

·       Friday evening: We eat out for dinner and go antiquing. We’re looking for frames because our Gardner Girls’ Gathering craft is creating memory boards.

·       Saturday morning: Woke up and started our memory boards. Most of the girls made more than one; a couple of the girls made one for their mothers-in-law for Mother’s Day.

·       Saturday afternoon: Went shopping! (Can you have any weekend with just the girls and not go shopping?) Because we stayed home and I didn’t foot the bill for transportation or hotel, I gave each of the girls a little mad money. It was fun to see them buy something for themselves they normally wouldn’t because it didn’t fit in their budgets.

·       Saturday evening: Went to a fondue restaurant (one of our favorites; the guys were so bummed when they found out!). Worked on our memory boards and talked until we couldn’t talk any more. (Who am I kidding? We could have talked all night!) 

·       Sunday morning: Got up early and all got a chance to talk to Shanna—a highlight of the whole weekend. We’d picked up a few odds and ends everywhere we went and took lots of photos that we will be sending her so she knows we were missing her. But it was great to actually talk to her! A wonderful Mother’s Day present! Sage had to go home because of some prior obligations—we missed her too!

·       Sunday afternoon: Went to church.

·       Sunday evening: Megan left but then came back. She’d called Nate on her way home, and he told her he wasn’t expecting her back until Monday, so she decided that was a great idea! We made jewelry and visited some more. 

·       Monday: Finished our projects and got in one last shopping trip. Everyone but Sara went home. I took Sara to the airport on the way into work this morning.

I love spending time with all my family—my sweetheart, our girls, sons-in-law, grandchildren, etc. But there’s something special about time spent with just my girls, and I loved every minute of this weekend. We love taking trips, but I think we all agreed that it was nice to stay home as well. We did more crafting than we’ve ever done, and everyone had plenty of space. We could read a book, sleep in late, take long baths. . .whatever we wanted to do. When you’re sharing a hotel room or two, that’s not always possible.

I can hardly wait until our next gathering—I’m starting to plan it already!