Mother's Day Memories

Hello! Shelli invited me to guest blog today, and while I tried to talk her out of it, she insisted. And since she’s my boss, I couldn’t really refuse, could I?

I’ll start with a brief introduction: I’m Kellene, Shelli’s assistant. I have been privileged to work closely with Shelli for several years, and it’s been an incredible blessing and honor—and I’m not just saying that because she signs my paycheck. I have never met a woman with more integrity, compassion, or vision. (I made her promise that if I guest blogged, she couldn’t edit or delete anything, otherwise I’m sure she would have taken that last sentence out, because she’s also very humble.)

Anyway, I’ve worked closely with Shelli for several years, but I have to make it very clear that she DID NOT hire me because I’m creative. Although I absolutely LOVE to scrapbook and make cards, I always, always, always copy. I don’t have a creative bone in my body.

So why in the world did she invite me to guest blog? Because I was telling her about this terrific experience I had with a young group of girls last week. I was helping my 12-year-old daughter and a group of her friends make a card and little favor box for their mothers for Mother’s Day, and I couldn’t say enough about how quick, easy, and fun it had been. The girls enjoyed every minute, and thanks to the matchbox die cut, they created the favor box in a heartbeat. The whole experience had been so marvelous that I had to tell someone, and Shelli was the lucky recipient of my story.

Well, she invited me to blog, without even seeing the projects. I’m pretty sure if she’d seen them, she might have changed her mind. They’re really quite basic. I copied both ideas—the card came from online somewhere (I’m so sorry; I tried to find it again so I could give the real creator credit, but I wasn’t able to), and the favor box was copied from one of my co-workers here at Stampin’ Up!

The favor box had four little mini candy bars inside, which I shared with my own children. They were pretty excited about that, so the box is pretty beat up. I tried to pretty it up for the photo, but there’s only so much you can do with a candy-filled, child-emptied paper box. But you at least get the idea. . .

Anyway, those are my projects. Nothing you’d see in the catalog or Stampin’ Success, but the memories made with my daughter and her friends, as well as the sentiment she wrote inside, will be something I’ll treasure forever.