Simply Beautiful

Sterling and I received a card after Grandpa Great died from Jill, a good friend and coworker. She’s sent me several cards in the past, and every single one of them has always impressed me with how beautiful—and simple—they are.

I have a friend celebrating a birthday this weekend, and I wanted to make her a packet of cards, so I decided to make those cards beautifully simple. I tend to like textures and dimension and accents, so most of what I create is beautiful (I hope!) but somewhat complicated. I wanted to challenge myself to simplify. 

I used Jill’s card as a template. She had used Cool Caribbean and True Thyme (In Colors from last year), so I went with current colors (Almost Amethyst, Elegant Eggplant, and Very Vanilla), and worked from there. This photo doesn’t do the card justice at all—it was truly beautiful!

   While the challenge I’d given myself was enjoyable, I discovered that I flat out couldn’t do it! Once I’d folded, and stamped, and adhered, I just couldn’t stop. I simply had to add one (and sometimes two or three) final finishing touches! I smiled when I’d get to the simple place—and then couldn’t leave the card alone.

So here’s one of the cards I ended up with. Even though it’s not as simple as I had intended, I think my friend will appreciate her gift. Who can’t use cards? And I have a new appreciation for the skill it takes to create simple beauty!