A Savannah Weekend

I spent Memorial weekend in Savannah, Georgia! It was a whirlwind few days, spent searching for a home for Shalae and Jon, who will be moving there later this summer for Jon to go to graduate school. In between looking at houses, however, we did manage to sneak in a few hours of sightseeing.

We flew into Savannah on Thursday evening and spent most of Friday and Saturday checking out houses. By Saturday afternoon, we’d found a home that we felt good about, so we decided to check out the city a bit.

We ate at Six Pence Pub, a popular restaurant with locals and tourists alike. The food was tasty comfort food, and the outdoor atmosphere was delightful.

We walked down River Street, watching boats go by, listening to the street music, and enjoying the charm.

We grabbed a treat at Leopold’s Ice Cream parlor, another popular spot. There’s a lot of history in Savannah, and we would have loved to do one of the walking tours, but we didn’t have time. We’ll go back, though, probably several times over the next two years, and we’ll definitely explore more of the city and its history!

On Sunday we went to the ward that Jon and Shalae and their family will be attending. The people lived up to the reputation of southern hospitality—they were a warm, friendly group.


After church, we took a drive to Hilton Head Island. We weren’t dressed for swimming, but the walk on the beach was very pleasant.

Afterward, we headed back to Savannah where we did a little more walking around a city square and fountain before enjoying a delicious dinner at Elizabeth’s, a delightful restaurant located in an old Victorian house.

After sitting on the house decision for the weekend, Jon and Shalae still felt great about the house we’d found on Saturday, so they signed the rental contract. We spent the rest of Monday (before we flew home) at the house, which is situated in one of Savannah’s suburbs.

Both Shalae and I are type A personalities, so we were busy arranging furniture in our minds and figuring out where kids would sleep and where pictures would hang. Every once in awhile one of us would call a timeout—it takes a lot of mental energy to be so detail-oriented!

Our husbands humored us and took lots of measurements and photos and probably rolled their eyes when we weren’t looking, but it was wonderful to come home with our mission accomplished. Shalae and Jon have peace of mind knowing where they will be living in a few short months, and I love being able to picture this little family going to school and church and grocery shopping and playing in their yard.