The Dutch Room

The last few days, Mom Pat and I spent several hours concepting (creating, envisioning) our vignettes for convention. For those who may not know what those are, they are the four areas that we decorate for the convention display area. We use Décor Elements and Décor Stencils, as well as stamps, to decorate the walls and other home decor items, but we also select furniture and other accessories to help us create a certain look and feel, an environment if you will, so that those who attend convention can catch the vision for themselves of how they can use these great products in their own decorating.

Anyway, I’m very excited about what we’ve come up with, and I am looking forward to working with her to put these vignettes together. (I have to mention here that I can’t believe it’s convention time already! Where does the time go!?)

As we were working together, I realized that the last project I worked on with Mom Pat was redecorating a room in our house—a room I call the Dutch room. I hadn’t shared it with you yet, so thought this was a perfect opportunity.

We just finished it a month or so ago, and I love it! Mom Heather and her husband, Paul, loved antiques, and they spent many Saturdays browsing through antique stores, picking up treasures. Mom Heather collected lots of things, and one of her most prolific collections was her Dutch boy (and girl) things. She had tons of pieces! She displayed a few of them on an antique Dutch boy hutch, but she never had the complete collection on display.

After Mom Heather died, I was blessed enough to inherit the collection, and decided it needed a room of its own. So I had a high shelf built along three of the four walls in one of our bedrooms, had the walls painted, found some antique chenille bedspreads on e-bay for the twin beds, and moved Mom Heather’s Dutch boy hutch into the room. Then we started unpacking the pieces.

I had no idea she had collected so many! There were boxes and boxes—literally hundreds—of Dutch boy and girl figurines and other decorative items. The room is jampacked with every piece! The photo doesn’t do it justice at all!

Although the grandchildren sleep there, we don’t allow balls in the room, and the shelves are high enough that little fingers and hands can’t do any damage. They love staying in the room because they know these are all things that Great-Grandma Heather loved! It’s a charming room full of history that makes me smile every time I walk in!