On the Pickline

I want to apologize right now. If you are a demonstrator and you receive an order that was picked yesterday, and there’s a mistake, it was probably my fault! (smile)

Let me explain. As I mentioned yesterday, it was back to work after a wonderful vacation. However, it wasn’t quite back to work as normal. On our way back from Powell on Monday, I got an e-mail from work, asking for volunteers to work part of our early morning shift (5-7:30 a.m.) and part of our afternoon shift (3:30 to 6 p.m.), so Sterling and I both volunteered! (I did both, and Sterling came in for the early morning shift.)

We’ve had a lot of pre-orders (we love that!), so we’re doing all we can to pick and ship orders as quickly as possible, including asking everyone who is willing and able to help out in the distribution center.

My two shifts had to be the highlight of my day. (The rest of the day was full of meetings and stuff that I can’t talk about like new products . . ) During the morning shift, just about every box I picked had In Color products—you’re loving the new colors as much as I am! And in the afternoon I worked on backorders, a thing we all wish we didn’t have! I was glad that we had received some of the backordered product though, and was very glad to help get  it out the door.

I also was in a zone that had the new catalogs (individual copies), and I picked a lot of those. I hadn’t seen it yet (I’ve had a black-and-white copy for weeks, and I’ve seen bits and pieces, of course), but it was very exciting to hold the finished product in my hand. It was the hardest thing for me not to just drop everything right there and spend a couple of hours looking through it. I’m sure none of you can relate! Once in a while I’d have a few seconds, and I’d quickly look through as many pages as I could, but I can’t wait until I have a chance  to take a long leisurely stroll through the catalog.

Anyway, my experience on the pick line yesterday made me think. It’s been a few years since I’ve done that (I definitely need to get out there more often!), and I loved the opportunity to work side by side with people who shoulder the responsibility every day of getting your orders picked and shipped accurately. While working on the pick line isn’t rocket science, it’s a huge responsibility. I realized that if I made a mistake, I was responsible for disappointing someone because they might not get something they needed for a workshop, or something they were very excited to start using, or something they were going to use to create a gift or card. I felt pretty nervous! Those wonderful people work every day, knowing how important it is that they don’t make any mistakes. I’m so thankful for them—and I know you are too!