Two Graduates

We went up to the Seattle area on Wednesday to celebrate—lots of things.

First, Sean's graduation with a master's. We arrived just in time for Sean’s art show (he’d done his thesis presentation earlier); it was great! We also attended his graduation ceremony. We were extremely proud!

We were lucky enough to also be in town for Sam’s graduation—from kindergarten. I hope Sean’s feelings aren’t hurt, but I have to admit that Sam’s graduation was a whole lot more entertaining!


The graduating class performed an adorable song with an adult guest (Sam chose his mom) that included all kinds of actions like sticking out your tongue and bum and bending your knees and waddling in a circle. The entire graduation program was only 45 minutes long. How could that be bad?!


After all the pomp and circumstance, we spent Friday just hanging out. Sara and Sean let their school-age kids play hooky for the day, and we had a blast. We played at the park and had a picnic and just had a wonderful time with our little Seattle family.

We got back home late last night. I worked out this morning (I go to this fabulous yoga class whenever I can!), ran errands this afternoon, and am planning on more celebrating tonight. I’ll post more about that tomorrow!