More Celebrations!

It’s rained every day for days—not uncommon for some of you, but very uncommon for us Utahns, and yesterday it rained (no, it poured) twice! That wouldn’t be so bad except the second downfall was right smack dab in the middle of our dual celebration. Even with the rain, it was a lot of fun!
Why a dual celebration?

Well, last month Jason graduated with his MBA from the University of Utah. He didn’t “walk,” so none of us attended the formal ceremony, but we had every intention of getting together and celebrating his accomplishment.

Then, Ashton turned four years old while most of us were at Lake Powell. Again, we planned to get together one evening this past week to celebrate, but when everyone checked their schedules, yesterday was the soonest we could gather. 

So, instead of going to a nice restaurant like we usually do as adults for a graduation, we decided to combine the two celebrations and spend the money on food and entertainment for a larger gathering of family and friends.
Earlier in the evening, the kids played outside in the sunshine while we enjoyed an array of tasty dishes for dinner and dessert (it’s always hard to coax the children into eating when they’re having so much fun).

Then, just as we got seated on the back porch to watch two fire dancers entertain us on the grass, it started to sprinkle. Soon we were watching wet and cold dancers move to the beating of a drum (played by their father) in the pouring rain. Dry and comfortable, we all cheered their talent and grit as these two talented young men performed a bit of their beautiful culture just for us. They were fabulous!
Guess what? It’s raining again (smile). I’m grateful because we need the moisture, and I’m glad I don’t have any plans for fire dancing tonight.