Strawberry Ride Journal

Wednesday, June 17

We usually arrive at camp a day before the horse ride begins, like most of the other riders, but this time we decided to go early and enjoy a day alone. Only the ride master and a few others are here, so Sterling and I set up camp in our traditional spot (away from everyone) just in time for a hail storm to welcome us. Then it rained off and on all afternoon. We went for a walk with Dakota (Sterling’s horse), and now we’re snuggly warm in the trailer watching the rain drizzle down the windows and reading. (Sterling’s reading a horse magazine, and I have a book I need to read before a meeting on Tuesday, The One Page Project Manager—exciting, huh?) We’re both looking forward to going to bed early and sleeping in.

Thursday, June 18

We woke during the night several times to light rain but didn’t get out of bed until after 8:00—a glorious thing! After leisurely getting ready and eating a late breakfast, it was time for me to make a few phone calls, so we drove the 20 minutes to civilization and while I made my calls, Sterling went into the General Store and bought what has now become my all-time favorite fudge—smooth and creamy and in several delicious flavors! Sterling might need to drive the hour and thirty minutes just for the fudge when he’s wondering what to get me for any given holiday! I guess there’s always UPS, as long as he thinks about it early enough.

The space around us has filled up with friends. We’ve visited around the soggy campfire, and everyone is getting ready for the ride tomorrow. I’m reading. What a relaxing day! In fact, I didn’t realize how relaxed I was until one of our friends commented that he’d never seen me just sit and do nothing.

Friday, June 19

It’s about 8:00 in the morning and Sterling is just about ready to ride off. It should be a gorgeous day, especially when it warms up a bit.

Our heater didn’t work last night, and it got pretty cold—not as cold as it must have been for the people who were in tents, but the horse’s water had a thin layer of ice on top. I don’t know how people tent it. Sure, we did it when Sage was a baby, but that was in the summer at Lake Powell when it was warm!


So I’ll work on birthday cards (Shalae prepared most of the pieces so all I have to do is a little stamping and assemble), wait for the stores to open, and then I’m going to town (30 minutes away) to buy a little heater for Sterling for Father’s Day. One thing about the two of us—if you don’t already know–we do not like to be cold!               

(Later) I’m back from town with heater in hand. Sterling should be getting back from his 25-mile ride soon. I’ll just sit in my chair out in the warm sun and organize my work until he returns. The sun has been bright all day with the temperatures ranging so far from below freezing to almost 70—an amazing day!

It’s so quiet here except for the wind rustling through the pine trees and a few neighboring horses whinnying once in a while—a great time to think. I’m remembering what our friend said and counting the many times Sterling has thanked me for coming with him, and it makes me ponder. I really need to make time to join him more often. He doesn’t mind that I bring work if it means I can be with him (and spend some time not working, of course). And I have thoroughly enjoyed camping (with a shower—cheating, I know!) and spending time with Sterling.

Saturday, June 20

We woke to rain again this morning and Sterling’s knee is bothering him, so we’ve packed up and are heading home a little earlier than planned. As we drive down the canyon, I realize I didn’t have Sterling take a photo of me relaxed in my camping chair. Oh well, you’ll just have to imagine me sitting in the middle of beautiful green grasses surrounded by tall pine trees, reading letters and cards from demonstrators and customers while nibbling on red grapes. I’m visualizing it, and it’s a great memory!

I’m glad for these past three peaceful days. It’s been a nice change of pace!