Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. I know I’m a day late in my wishes, but I’m quite proud of myself because I got my gifts off to my father, stepfathers, and Nate on time! (Early actually, because I had to get them sent off before we went camping.)

Our Father’s Day celebration was very casual; we didn’t have anything specific planned. We stopped by Sage and Jason’s and Shalae and Jon’s on Saturday night, and dropped off Father’s Day gifts. The girls made Sterling open their gifts for him before we left town, so that was the beginning. 

Yesterday, we flew to Washington for business. We are staying with Sean and Sara, and so we had a tasty dinner with them, celebrating Father’s Day along with Seth’s belated birthday. We had Sara’s famous Texas sheet cake (I’ve mentioned it before, and included the recipe!) and then stayed up late last night visiting with Sara and Sean.

Of course, my favorite father—and the one I got to spend the entire day with—is the father of my girls. I can’t imagine my life without Sterling. I love him and am so grateful for him!