A Summer BBQ

Sterling and I have spent the last few days up in the Seattle area, visiting Clearsnap, a manufacturing plant that we own. It’s a smaller company; in fact, it reminds me a lot of Kanab with a bunch of good, hardworking people who put in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay to build a quality product.

Sterling attended several meetings while I called in to several meetings at Stampin’ Up!, and we watched them working hard on the floor to manufacture a variety of products; they produce some of Stampin’ Up!’s product and products for other companies as well. 


In addition, we planned our visit to coincide with their summer BBQ (which was also scheduled to celebrate the plant manager’s 60th birthday!), and it was fun to visit with everyone and get to know them a little better. In true Seattle fashion, it was raining, so we ended up BBQ'ing in the covered patio, but it was still enjoyable!


I love spending time with genuine, honest people—we both came back home tonight feeling happy and uplifted.