Q & A (It's About Time!)

Once in awhile I try to answer some of the questions you ask. I don’t answer them all, so don’t feel badly if you asked a question that I didn’t answer. I do keep track of all your questions though, and it’s been a LONG time since I’ve answered any, so I figured it was about time. These are just the ones from March, April, and May—I haven’t gotten to thse ones you asked in June yet. I’ve broken them up into two different posts—I didn’t want you to get too bored! I’ll post part 1 today and part 2 tomorrow. Have fun reading!

Just a note: When I post projects, some of you ask for more information, templates, dimensions, etc. Early on in my blog, I mentioned that if I always had to include instructions and supplies and dimensions, that would be enough of a deterrent that I wouldn’t share any projects. I know it’s nice to have, but I also know you understand that sometimes gathering all the information takes time, and I hope you’d rather see a project that doesn’t have all the details than not see a project. Thanks for understanding! 


Can I use Jumbo eyelets with the Crop-A-Dile or do I need the Big Bite?

To be honest, I’ve never used a Big Bite. I use my Crop-A-Dile to set Jumbo eyelets, so yes, you can.

Do you get re-excited when demonstrators and customers finally get to see what you’ve been working on for quite some time? How far in advance do you work?

We’re usually excited throughout the process, but yes, there’s an extra bit of excitement when what we’ve been working on—new images and new accessories and new products—finally make it into the “real world” where you can see them.

As you mentioned, we do work months and months in advance. As most of you know, the 20092010 Idea Book & Catalog launches July 1, so that is long gone—it’s been at the printer for weeks! We’re putting finishing touches on our Holiday mini catalog; it’s headed to the printer soon. We’ve wrapped up the Décor Elements brochure, of course, and we’re into development and design of our Sale-A-Bration brochure and next mini. In fact, this week we had our first planning meeting for next year’s idea book & catalog!

That doesn’t mean we can’t add things as we move forward; we work hard to stay flexible so we can offer timely images and products when we see something out there that you want. But deadlines being what they are, we have to draw a line somewhere!

Does anyone ever not get along in your family?

I laughed when I read this question, and I’m sure you can guess the answer. Of course! We’re just like everyone else; we have our moments! But we have learned that our family relationships are the most valuable thing in the world, and we do whatever it takes to work things out. Sometimes that means letting go, or giving up control, or forgiving and forgetting and moving on. We sometimes talk things out and sometimes we just leave things alone. We’ve learned—through trial and error—what works in which circumstances.

Having said that, that doesn’t mean we reached the perfect place where we don’t have problems. Even knowing that our relationships with each other are the most important relationships we have, we continue to have ups and downs—everyone does. That’s the nature of relationships, especially relationships with people you love and care about. But I’m grateful that we do all share a common understanding that we will be a family forever—and so we’d better ultimately make it work!

Could there be an html tag for the SoShelli.com challenge winners? How do I sign up for automatic e-mail updates?

I have no idea how to do either of these things, but I’m checking with our IT guru and will let you know what I find out!

Tell us about your hair. How do you cut it? What type of hair do you have? What product do you use? How do you style it?

I can’t believe you really want to know, but you asked, so I’ll share. I have my hair cut every four to six weeks or so; this is one area where I don’t skimp because I have such thin, straight hair that it looks awful if I don’t. I’ve gone to my current hairstylist for years, and I don’t even know what she does. I trust her, and she texturizes my hair and it works for me.

Because my hair is so thin and fine, I use tons and tons of product! I use a bunch of Bumble and Bumble stuff, including styling wax. And once I’ve styled and flat-ironed it, I seal the deal with Graham Webb Color Locking Hairspray. I don’t color my hair, but I’ve never found anything else that works nearly as well—all my girls use it too. We buy it by the caseload practically! (Does this sound like a commercial or what? I promise Bumble and Bumble and Graham Webb aren’t paying me a thing! But I do love their stuff!)

What was the name of the café in Bicknell that Grandpa Uke and his wife ran?

They ran the café in the 1950s—a long, long time ago! It was called the Sourdough Café

Were you a cheerleader in school?

 I laughed at this question too. I don’t know why you’d wonder—do I come across as a cheerleader-type? If that means enthusiastic and happy, then I hope so!

No, I wasn’t a cheerleader. I thought about trying out for drill team but decided against it. At the time, the outfits they wore seemed pretty skimpy, and my parents had some pretty strict expectations about dressing modestly. Mom Pat said the decision was up to me, but if I didn’t make the right choice, she might have to help me out a little! Apparently I made the right decision, because the subject didn’t come up again.

How about having convention or regional in [insert your favorite location]?

I don’t have much to do with selecting locations for our events, other than convention. I do know that they consider lots of different variables, but I’ll pass on all your suggestions!

Is your nephew Sterling named after your husband Sterling?

Yes, he is. You can’t pay someone a much higher compliment than naming one of your children after them, and Sterling was very honored when my sister and her husband named their son Sterling.