A Evening of Inspiration

Thanksgiving Point is a family-oriented destination (museum, movie theater, shopping, restaurants, and gardens) located a few miles from our home. I’m on the board, and yesterday the Utah Symphony performed for the first time in the Waterfall Amphitheater, a gorgeous outdoor setting.

I have to admit that initially I didn’t want to go. It had been a packed day, full of all kinds of things I needed to get done. When the time came to leave, I didn’t want to—and I probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t committed to go as a board member and even invited some friends to join us. However, I knew that once I was there, I’d enjoy myself—but I had no idea how much!

I’m not a musician—don’t play an instrument, can’t sing, can’t dance. But I do appreciate good music, and I spent a delightful evening listening to beautiful music in absolutely peaceful surroundings. The theme was Let’s Dance Under the Stars, and the program included selections from Handel’s Water Music, Strauss’ Blue Danube Waltz, and Copland’s Rodeo: Hoe-Down.

A little blonde-haired toddler in front of us spent a lot of the evening weaving in and out between her parents, waving her hands in the air and dancing to the inspiring music. I kept thinking that she was doing exactly what I felt like doing—but knew I was too “grown-up” to do!

Music is one of the things in life that inspires me, and last night was truly an inspiring evening! I’m so glad I went!