Checking Out for a Bit

Just wanted you to know that you probably won’t hear from me for a few days. I’m focusing on creating projects for convention, and I’m a woman with a mission!

I started to get a little frantic last week as I realized how close convention was, so I called Sara up and invited (begged?) her to come down to help out with the creative process. She must have sensed the panic in my voice, because before I knew it, she was at my doorstep. (Well, actually she was landing at the airport—I had to go pick her up.)

Shalae and Mom Pat have also willingly jumped in, and the four of us have shut ourselves in my stamp studio and are busy creating up a storm. Of course, what we’re creating is confidential—for convention only! So I can’t show you any projects YET (I’ll probably sneak in one or two after convention), but I’m excited about the prospect of working with two of my girls and my mom to come up with some fun things to show at convention. And because our time is short, I’m really not doing much else—other than necessary meetings. (sigh)

I’ll check in when they’re gone and—hopefully—my convention projects are all done!