Sad News

This is a blog I didn’t ever want to write! Four years ago, my sister Leslie spent several months battling leukemia, and we were thrilled when the cancer went into remission. She has had blood tests taken regularly ever since, and we were inching closer and closer to that magic five-year mark—until last week. 
She got the news on her birthday—the leukemia is back. We were all devastated, but I’m so proud of Leslie and her example and fighting spirit. She’s at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital in Salt Lake City and has started chemotherapy, and if attitude has anything to do with it, she’ll have this licked in no time!
This past weekend her family has been up here with her, and they’ll be here as much as they can to support and help her. However, because I live closer, I’m planning on being at her beck and call, spending a lot of time with her, just like I did four years ago. And with convention and a family reunion coming up, it’s going to be a busy time—so my posts may be shorter and more infrequent during the next few weeks.
Thank you for understanding, and I ask for your prayers and good thoughts in Leslie’s behalf. If you want to keep tabs on her progress, you can check out Leslie’s web site