Prepping, Painting, Stenciling--and Reunioning

I got home late tonight after celebrating the Fourth in Kanab. I’m exhausted, but I thought I’d quickly write about Thursday and Friday, then catch you up on the Fourth tomorrow.

On Wednesday we headed down here to do a little decorating at our manufacturing facility. In our lobby, we have a couple of vignettes that Mom Pat and I work most years. We updated one of them quite quickly, but the second one took a little more time and effort because we had to start from scratch.

On Thursday, we spent most of our time prepping the wall and then painting, and then yesterday we started the main job, which was stenciling. I LOVE stenciling (I think I’ve mentioned that before), and I am excited about featuring that technique this year in our Kanab facility

In between the stenciling, I attended my (gasp!) 30-year-reunion! I can’t believe it’s been that long—I certainly don’t feel that old! We had a lunchtime picnic in the park with families, and then in the evening, the grown-ups got together for dinner with their partners. I’ll talk more about that early next week; I thought it would be fun to share a high school photo, and I don’t have one down here, so I guess that’s something you can look forward to. . .

Anyway, after dinner, I headed back to the stenciling, which Mom Pat and I finally finished! It feels good to have it done. . Jon took lots of pictures, and we’ll have several of them on display at convention.