Family Night Up the Canyon

I couldn’t go to bed tonight without posting about our evening activity. On Sunday, Sterling asked me to keep Wednesday night open for him. He wouldn’t tell me what was up, but I cleared my calendar for tonight.

Yesterday, the secret slipped out—he’d planned a family home evening up in the canyon with the Browns, the Hoops, Grandma Pat, and his famous goulash (a fancy name for whatever we have in the fridge mixed up in a Dutch Oven!).  I looked forward to it all day, working hard to get everything done so I could enjoy the time up the canyon and not be worrying about things still needing to be done.

I was not disappointed! All I can say is it’s an absolute sin that we don’t go up the canyon more often—it’s a 15-minute drive to escape from the world! It was beautiful tonight, perfect weather, ideal company, and Sterling’s goulash (hamburger, bacon, ground beef, carrots, potatoes, squash, onions, and green chilies) was the yummiest ever! He fixed the entire meal, but the girls decided that next time they would help out with dessert and a salad.

While dinner cooked, the little boys hiked (if you can call it that—their little legs didn’t go too far or too fast) and we sat around and chatted.

After dinner, we had an uplifting spiritual discussion, and then for an activity we watched a group of rappellers work their way down a nearby mountain. The boys were fascinated—they’d never seen anyone do that before.

I came home rejuvenated and determined to head back up the canyon again very soon. Don’t worry—I won’t bore you with the details every time we go, but I’m certainly thankful we live so close to such natural beauty.