The Class of '79


Here’s the senior class high school photo I promised. As I look at it, it brings back mostly good memories. . . (smile)


The reunion was very nice. Like most reunions when you’re going to see people you haven’t seen for awhile, you are a little anxious. I wondered what I should wear—I didn’t want to be too dressy but I didn’t want to be too casual. I wanted to look as young as possible but still look my age (OK, I would love it if I looked a few years younger!). Now that it’s all over, I smile. I worried way too much, but I think most of us do as we anticipate something like that.


About half of the graduating class showed up, which was wonderful! Several people traveled a fair distance; a couple from a state or two away. I was disappointed that there were a handful who are still living in Kanab who didn’t show—it would have been fun to see as many people as possible.


On Friday afternoon, we had a treat in the park that families were invited to. We played a game that involved a hen pooping on a numbered chart (don’t ask!) and spent a lot of time catching up and reminiscing. I recognized most people, although there were a few that I had to ask a classmate for help in identifying. That evening, we got together with spouses/partners at a catered dinner and visited and remembered a little bit more.


After it was over, Sterling assured me that I was the best-looking one there, and I suspect I wasn’t the only one who went home that night with a spouse who was smart enough to make that statement! But it was sweet of him, and I did feel like I looked OK. I enjoyed the stroll through memory lane and appreciate the effort it took to put the reunion together. It will be fun to get together again in another five years!