A Quick Trip to Kanab

I just got back from a quick overnight trip to Kanab. We had a company summer lunch down there, and so Sterling and I drove down to spend a few minutes with some wonderful people. We chatted, enjoyed a tasty lunch, and thanked our hard workers at our manufacturing facility who do so much to make sure Stampin’ Up! succeeds.

As an added bonus, a Canadian demonstrator who attended convention happened to be in Kanab today as well. She’d made arrangements for a tour of the Kanab facility. We invited her and her father to have lunch with us, and it was a delight to visit with them.

The highlight of the trip, however, was that we got to take Leslie home! It will be a short stay—she has to be back at the hospital on Tuesday. But her numbers were good enough they let her go home; she was so happy!

She has only a few goals—to sleep in her own bed (if you’ve ever slept in a hospital bed, you understand that one!); to sit on her back porch and enjoy the beauty of Kanab; and to make birthday invitations and a birthday cake for her grandson’s upcoming first birthday.

I stopped by to see her as we headed home today, and she looked great! She expects her hair to fall out within a few days, so this is probably the last picture you’ll see of her for awhile. (She won’t let us take pictures when she’s bald.)

She was just finishing the birthday invitations. She based them on one of the winners of the SoShelli.com Birthday Challenge, the Sesame Street card. She helped me judge the submissions earlier this week, and as soon as she saw that one, she knew she wanted to use it. She’s also planning on making a Elmo cake, which she’ll freeze for the party, since she probably won’t be able to come down for that.

Once she heads back up to Salt Lake next week, she’ll likely have another round of chemotherapy and then a bone marrow transplant, so she doesn’t expect to come home again for weeks, maybe months. That makes this weekend even more special; I hope she enjoys every minute!