Slowing Down for Build-A-Bear

I should have learned this lesson by now, but I haven’t. I keep thinking that things will eventually slow down—just a little—and I’ll be able to sneak in a few “not burning hot” things into my schedule. (sigh)

The last few weeks have been enjoyably hectic. Getting ready for convention, then attending convention, then spending a couple days with Leslie, then heading down to Kanab. Plus I need to pack for the Australia incentive trip! I’m thrilled—incentive trips are some of my favorite events because it feels wonderful to reward our top-achieving demonstrators for all their hard work—but it feels like it’s been one thing after another.

When I got home from convention earlier this week, I had managed to grab a few Build-A-Bear bears for my grandchildren. My grandson Sam, while grateful for the gift, did mention that the Stampin’ Up! apron wouldn’t be his first choice for clothing for his new BOY bear. Without thinking, I said, “Oh, Sam, I’ll take you to the store and you can buy a boy outfit for your bear.”

As soon as the words popped out, I thought, “Great, Shelli! When are you going to fit that in?” But when I saw his eyes light up and his big smile, I knew I’d make the time.  

  And, it couldn’t be just Sam! So most of the grandchildren and I (along with dads and moms, because I knew I’d need help!) headed for Build-A-Bear and a crazy hour picking out clothes. And I thought shopping for human clothes was an adventure!

Now the bears (which are incredibly soft!) are also incredibly adorable, and we all have a great memory of a beary good time!