A New Tradition

I just couldn’t go to bed tonight without posting—even though I’ve already posted once today.

Earlier, I mentioned that we were going to have a summer barbecue, something new we haven’t done before. I didn’t plan on showing pictures or mentioning it again, but it was such a delightful experience that I had to!

I’m smiling even now as I think about the great time we had--it was a well-deserved break for our hardworking, dedicated employees!

We eased up on the company dress code—shorts and flip flops were pretty much the norm! Music played in the background, the weather was gorgeous, and the food was delicious.

The highlight had to be the volleyball tournament, though. We had 10 teams sign up--some of the team names included The Big Shots, Vicious Vinyl, Team Chim Richols, Stamp, Set, Spike!, Warehouse Warriors, and Team Zilla (I believe they were the winners!). A lot of people came out and watched the games throughout the morning and cheered for their coworkers, and there was a quite a crowd watching the championship match.

I think a new tradition has been born!