A Retreat?

Just about every year, Stampin’ Up!’s corporate team schedules a retreat to focus on the most important aspects of the business. This year was no exception--although we didnt retreat far. We actually just headed downstairs to the Ideas Room on the main floor of our home office.


We spent three full days brainstorming, problem solving, envisioning, and discussing—and we did all that in the first 30 minutes. (smile)


Seriously, the last three days have been high-energy, productive, and intense, but I feel good about what we accomplished. We aren't done by any means--we can never do it all in three days! So we've got another few days scheduled next week  when we'll continue what we started.




At one point, we divided up into two teams, and each team was given the same task. One team stayed at the tables to tackle the job, while the other team headed to the other end of the room, where we (yep, it was my team) made ourselves comfortable. Both teams dealt effectively with the assignment, but I found it interesting to see the different ways we approached it.


We also always have things you can do with your hands. Im a believer that keeping your hands busy with mindless work can sometimes help your mind focus. We had several containers of Playdoh, and they were opened and used frequently. I shot a couple of our creations for your entertainment!


These are the people I work with most closely, and they are so dedicated to Stampin' Up! and to our demonstrators, customers, and employees. I am honored to associate with them and am reminded how grateful I am for all that they do.


With a week in Australia, a three-day retreat, a video shoot one morning before the retreat, a teleconference with our leaders last night, and a board meeting this morning. I have to admit that both my body and mind are exhausted! I'm grateful that this afternoon is our summer barbecue at the home office--I'm looking forward to just visiting with employees, watching a volleyball tournament, and taking a little rest.