Convention 2009 Is Over

Convention has come and gone for another year. Woo hoo. . . . I think.

The end of convention is always bittersweet. I compare it to Thanksgiving dinner—you work so hard for so long to make sure everyone loves it, and it’s over before you can believe it!

I loved this convention, and I talked to many demonstrators who said it was one of—if not the—best yet. When I asked why, they gave several reasons: the focus on workshops was exactly what they needed, the keynote speaker was great, the class offerings were perfect, the list goes on and on.

I only heard one negative comment—the line for Memento Mall was long on the first day. I hate that, but we’ve thought of all sorts of things to try to fix that, and haven’t come up with a fix yet. It’s because everything in the mall is so fabulous! I don’t normally wear sweatshirt-type things, but I’ve already worn my hoodie twice!

Several things made my convention highlight list: Belinda Ellsworth, our keynote speaker (she offered valuable information for every demonstrator, at every level); my stamping presentation, which focused on gift giving (we created more projects than I could show, so you’ll be the beneficiary of that because I’ll be posting several projects here in the coming weeks); the dinner with the Artisan Award winners (loved getting to know them better!); the general sessions and classes (I know it sounds like cheating to clump them all together, but honestly they were all fabulous! I didn’t get to attend all the classes, but those I made it to were really great!); and sitting in the audience during the last session (loved the game show and commercials!).

My daughters and I all laughed during the game show when one of the questions they asked was “What is the first thing you do when you get home from convention?” Our unanimous answer was sleep, but it was the last answer on the list from the demonstrators! The number-one answer was unpack, which I always put off as long as I possibly can!

I did unpack today (earlier than usual) because I’m heading up to the hospital to spend a few days with Leslie. I’m looking forward to telling her all about convention and catching up on some sleep. She has to get sleep, of course, and because we sleep in the same room, I go to bed earlier than I normally would! I’m also bringing along some quiet work stuff to do—catching up on e-mail and reading my blog (haven’t read your comments for more than a week!). I know we’ll do plenty of visiting too!

I must admit that spending a few quiet days with Leslie is a wonderful way to unwind after convention, but I’m so thankful for the past few days and the wonderful opportunity I got to spend time with some of my favorite people in the world!