The Ultimate Destination

I’m in Cincinnati, Ohio, getting ready for our regional today and tomorrow, and I overheard something on the shuttle from the airport that made me stop and think. Two passengers—an older gentleman and a young woman—had struck up a conversation, and the gentleman mentioned that he traveled quite a bit for work.

“Wow,” the girl replied. “That must be great to travel so much.”

I bit my tongue as the man politely tried to explain that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be—I wanted to jump right in and second everything he was saying and add my own two cents’ worth as well!

I’ve had people mention that they were jealous of my “glamorous” life and they wished they could travel and see all the places I’ve seen. While I’m not complaining by any means, these comments always make me smile.  

When I think back about the many places I’ve been to, my main destinations mostly include airports, hotels, ballrooms, and convention centers. I’ve landed at an airport before and thought, “Ah, I’ve been here before—I remember that kiosk!” And once in awhile I’ll check into a hotel that seems vaguely familiar as well.

I seldom have the opportunity to leave the convention center (can you count the brief walk between the hotel and convention center?), and I’m almost always unaware of the sightseeing spots that are sometimes only a few miles away. We usually wrap up after dark, which limits tourist activities; I usually end up in my hotel room, catching up on work. (I get a lot of work done when I travel because I’m typically alone, with nothing else to do!)

My travels are defined and remembered by the people I am with—Stampin’ Up! employees and demonstrators. I love spending time with the people I work with; we eat together and visit between setting up and rehearsing and presenting and taking down. And I always feel jazzed the night before an event because meeting demonstrators is a highlight.

Who needs to see famous landmarks or buildings or attractions, when you’re rubbing shoulders with some of the neatest people in the whole world! That’s the ultimate destination for me!