Two Busy Days

As Founder’s Circle ended and everyone headed home, I told the Advisory Board members (who were heading to Salt Lake City for our annual Advisory Board retreat before going home) to get a good night’s sleep on Sunday. “We’ll be working your tushees off during the retreat!” I warned them.

They laughed; I don’t think they took me seriously. But they know I meant it now—they are going home tired! I hope their families will forgive us for spending all their energy! We definitely worked them, but the last two days have been full of energy, great feedback, wonderful ideas, and lots of discussion. I’m impressed with the diversity of this board, yet the unity as well. They aren’t afraid to share their opinions, but they also respect others’ opinions, even then they aren’t the same. And everyone seemed willing to listen and learn.

Of course, I know you know that everything we discussed is confidential, so I’m sure you won’t ask any of the board members about topics discussed during the retreat—thanks for respecting that.

While the entire last two days has been delightful, a few things stand out as highlights for me. An Advisory Board tradition is to have a “My Favorite Things” night on Monday, when we put on cozy pajamas, gather together, and share our favorite things. It’s a great way to get to know each other!

For the first time, I hosted this activity at my own home this year. I don’t know why we haven’t done it before! After a full day of meetings, the ladies stopped by their hotel on their way to our house, put on their pajamas, and then headed our way. Sterling fixed a tasty dinner (Dutch Oven potatoes, baked beans, barbecue chicken, and a few other yummies), then we settled in for the sharing.

I loved having demonstrators in our home. I wish I could do it more often, but there’s never really a small enough group to make it feasible.

And tonight was great too—our last dinner at the Roof Restaurant in the Joseph Smith Building in downtown Salt Lake City. (Hmmm, does it mean anything that my two highlights involved food? Smile) This is also a tradition. We reserve the Library Room in the restaurant, where 16 of us can gather around a round table and, because of the outstanding acoustics, talk at a normal volume and hear what anyone around the table is saying. It’s a delicious buffet dinner, wonderful ambience, and fabulous conversation.

And the conversation never stopped—the entire two days! Constant dialogue back and forth, with board members asking us questions and answering our questions. They weren’t ever bored (or if they were, they hid it well!), and they showed wonderful energy. This year is going to be a great Advisory Board!

Now I’m heading off to bed, because I’m just as tired as they are!