Stampin' Up! Day

Yesterday afternoon I was scheduled to speak at an entrepreneurial forum in Kanab. The meeting was held at our manufacturing facility. In typical fashion, I was running a bit late, so Sterling and I raced down to Kanab to get here in time.

When we arrived, I noticed that several of our employees were there; they had stayed after their shifts were over to attend. The meeting began with an unexpected surprise—an official declaration signed by the governor of Utah making yesterday (September 24) officially Stampin’ Up!—Rural Entrepreneurship Day!

I was absolutely unprepared for and, I have to admit, a little uncomfortable with the honor. But I was also humbled and pleased, not necessarily that anything I’ve done was being complimented but that the accomplishments of our employees were being noticed!

After the hoopla, the meeting continued on as planned—I presented the Stampin’ Up! story, answered questions, and enjoyed sharing with others all that Stampin’ Up! offers people. And although the official Stampin’ Up!—Rural Entrepreneurship Day is now over, it was nice that our Stampin’ Up! family received this distinction.