A New Look

You’ll notice that I’ve got a new blog header today. . . what do you think? In case you’re wondering, it was created using our new My Digital Studio. It’s pretty amazing what you can do with this digital software! I haven’t spent the time I want to become familiar with it, but I can hardly wait to see what I can come up with! I’ll have to post the first page I create.  (Does that sound like a commitment?)

You may notice that the photo on this header looks a little different than  most of the photos of me. It’s a little different approach, but I like it. It’s part of a series of photos--What Defines You--that my son-in-law Jon is doing.

Of course, most of us share some common things that define us—our relationships (family, friends, etc.) primarily, along with our values or beliefs, etc. But once you get beyond those, you start to discover the things that make us each individual and unique.

For this series, Jon takes a photo of a person holding something that they are known for. For example, he took Shalae’s photo with shopping bags hanging from her arms, Sara is holding a pan of Texas sheet cake, and Sterling has a saddle.

When we were trying to decide what I should be holding, I thought of bling (love it!), antiques (our home is full of them). . . all sorts of things. I even asked my granddaughter Sidney what she thought of when she thought of Grandma Shelli. Her answer? Beautiful. Made me smile and I gave her a big hug, but I didn’t know how to hold that and wasn’t comfortable with that word defining me anyway.

I don’t know why it took us so long to decide on a stamp. Duh! They’ve only been my one of my main focuses for the past 20 years! So that’s the story behind this photo.

In case you’re wondering, Jon has posted the “What Defines You?” series on his blog (seeingbrown.blogspot.com), so you can check it out.