Cincinnati--Here I Come

I can’t believe I’m heading to Cincinnati in two days for regional! I feel like convention just ended, but I guess that’s been weeks ago! Time flies. . .

I’ve been working on the project that I’m going to show on Friday, and I’m getting excited—partly because I love to show you what I’m working on and partly because this particular projects has to do with Shanna’s homecoming!

I’m also excited to see what you’re bringing to show and share. I know we’re bringing a few loaded display boards, but I also know we’re bringing a bunch of empty display boards too—all waiting for you to fill them up.

One of the highlights of regionals (and all of our events) for me is walking around and checking out the swaps, so I’m excited to see swaps up on the boards this year. Be sure to drop off your swap as early as possible so we can show it on the board!

And I’ll work on getting my project ready so I can show it on stage!