Did You Hear That? Silence. . . Absolute Silence

And doesn’t it sound nice!

Our house has been mostly quiet for the past couple of days, and I have to admit that, while I love having children and grandchildren around, it’s also nice to have some peace and quiet again.

We’ve had Sara and Sean and their five children for the past several weeks as they’ve moved back to Utah and been looking for a new home. And on top of that we had Shalae and Jon here for a couple of weeks as they prepared for their move to Georgia and Jon earning his master’s degree.

Six adults and eight children make for a full house!

While I’m so grateful for the opportunity to offer a place for our children and grandchildren to stay, I have to admit that I’m kind of grateful that they’ve all moved on to their next adventures in life as well! I’m a Type A, almost compulsive cleaner-upper and organizer, and near the end, I actually walked down the stairs and stepped over a toy on the ground and didn’t pick it up! That’s just not me!

But it was definitely good for me to relax a little, go with the flow a bit, and try to ignore the sticky fingerprints on the windows (which I actually kind of miss sometimes!), the unflushed toilets (which I don’t miss at all), and the blue Sharpie painting on the kitchen rug (don’t even ask).

So now Sterling and I are back to just the two of us, with much-anticipated visits from everyone and anyone who finds the time to drop in. But the moments of peace and quiet are nice too!