A New Year

It’s been a busy and full week, but fairly uneventful. Shalae and Jon returned home to Savannah on Tuesday, so Monday I spent as much time with them because it was their last day.

One of the things we did was go out to Jon’s mother’s house and help her with some decorating. She recently remodeled her kitchen, using a nice Mellow Moss color scheme.

Since she LOVES paisley, we used the Paisley stencil to create easy, simple accents. She wanted something subtle, so we added a little cream paint to leftover paint, and stenciled a tone-on-tone random pattern along the top of the wall.

She loves it, and I thought it looked great too!

On Tuesday, we took the Browns to the airport, and I only cried twice! Shalae says she misses us too, but since she’s “suffering” in 68 degree temperatures, I don’t feel sorry for her at all! (We’ve had freezing temperatures and snow storms here much of the week!)

The rest of the week was busy as I focused on preparing for leadership and the regional next week. I’m getting very excited as I’ve worked on projects and finalized the messages and communications.

Last night Sterling and I welcomed the New Year in together. We went to dinner early, then came home, changed into our jammies, and watched a movie. After the movie, Sterling started channel surfing, and we had fun watching different entertainers performing on the different New Year programs. It was a peaceful, low-key New Year’s party—just the two of us.

Tonight we’re off to the Gardner Grand, which I’ll tell you all about on Sunday or Monday!