Phoenix Regional Wraps Up

I left warm, sunny Phoenix this morning for cold, cloudy Salt Lake, but I’m trying to look on the bright side. Hmmmm. . .. I’m not sure what that is. (I am such a warm weather girl!

I guess the bright side is that we had a wonderful regional yesterday!

Many of those attending had stayed an extra day after coming to leadership, so I’m assuming they were as tired as I was—after all, it was the 4th day of Stampin’ Up! activities. 


But I have to say that I didn’t feel tired for long! The minute I walked into the conference center on Saturday morning, I felt the enthusiasm and excitement from those in attendance, and I got all excited again! 

There were more workshop wows than ever along with several smaller business presentations, so the pace of the day’s activities was fast-moving and kept everyone’s attention.

The Phoenix regional is the first of several regionals this spring, and I can’t wait for the rest! If this was a taste of what’s in store, it will be a great year!