A Breath of Fresh Air

Today I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our employees in the Distribution Center—the people who are on the front lines so to speak, doing the work that gets our products out the door and into the hands of our demonstrators and customers. They are some of our hardest-working employees, and they do such a great job!

They wanted to give me the flowers as an expression of thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to work at Stampin’ Up! I was touched when I heard that, because I am just as thankful for them! They have been trying for several weeks to catch me at a time when I was in the office—and at home—long enough to enjoy the flowers. And that finally happened today. 

I walked into the Distribution Center and wasn’t really sure where to go, but then I saw a head peek around a tall pile of boxes and heard a crowd of employees start to clap, so I headed in that direction.  I was touched when I walked around the corner and saw a large group of people gathered to present the flowers—and a darling journal with handwritten thanks!

I teared up a bit as I looked around at this wonderful group of people who do so much for me. They are good people, and I care a lot about them. I thanked them, of course, and I hope they do know how much their thoughtfulness meant to me.

And in addition to the flowers, I also got a lot of hugs, which I love!

As you can see the flowers are beautiful—and they smell fabulous! And since our air outside has been less than clear, I will enjoy these flowers--and their smell—even more. As one employee noted, “These can be your breath of fresh air for the next few days!”