A Thing of Beauty

Sterling and I spent a few days in Kanab this last week. Sterling worked on stables for his and his friends’ horses when they go to southern Utah to ride horses, and I visited with family and coworkers and hid away to stamp and quietly work.

The days were clear and crisp (a welcome sight compared to the smog they call an inversion in northern Utah), and each evening, Sterling and I snuggled together and watched a movie—a rare but wonderful occasion. Kanab is slower paced, and it was the perfect place to work and relax after a hectic few weeks.

One day while I was working away, Paul (Mom Heather’s husband) showed up at the door for a visit. Before I could welcome him in, he motioned for me to come with him for a ride in his 1950 Ford truck. Everyone in my family had been on a ride in Paul’s truck except me—it just never seemed to be a convenient time or there wasn’t enough room inside the cab. So when he invited me to join him, I jumped at the chance!

First, you must know that Paul’s hobby and passion is restoring older vehicles. He will tinker on an engine for months to get it just right, and when you pop the hood, it’s a beautiful sight!

Second, I love loud engines (listening to a Harley as it passes me on the freeway is a happy sound and makes my ears perk up), and I love speed (a fast boat or car makes me giggle). I grew up on a race track. My dad and his friends raced cars and motorcycles around the track while we slept among the roar of the engines.

Anyway, all I can say is that Paul’s truck (technically you’d call it a hot rod because restoring an older vehicle doesn’t usually give it the speed this truck has) is a beauty. I couldn’t stop talking about it. It’s obvious he loves what he does!

As we pulled out of the drive, Paul stomped on the pedal and we took off. Of course, I giggled! After the initial “rush,” he commented, “That was payback.”

Then he reminded me of a time years ago when I was driving him and my mom in Sterling’s new truck (a diesel with lots of power), and without notice, I stomped on the pedal and nearly scared them half to death (or at least caught their attention). Paul remembers me saying something like, “Don’t you just love the sound and power of that engine?”

I begged Paul for a photo so I could brag about him and his hot rod. I hope you’ll appreciate a thing of beauty like Paul’s Ford and smile the next time you step on the pedal of a powerful machine.

Well, Paul, you got me back, and I loved it!