Leadership 2010--Do What You Love

Leadership 2010 has come and gone—and although I’m exhausted, I didn’t want it end! I truly loved every minute! (I have to mention the set, which I think is my favorite ever. I hadn't seen it before I walked into the convention center, and when I saw it earlier this week, I fell in love! It was beautiful!)

I know I say this all the time, but I really think this was our best leadership ever! It felt focused, there was a nice balance of stamping and training, and the presentations were fabulous! I don’t know if it’s just what I needed, or if everyone agrees, but I thought it was outstanding.

I went to portions of at least every class, and all the presenters (both staff and demonstrator) were great; I was proud of every single one of them! I was especially impressed with Sue Rusch, our keynote speaker, who also taught two classes.

Her keynote was focused on recruiting, and her two classes were aimed right at leaders, and her material was perfect. If our leaders take to heart what she taught, I truly believe their groups will grow.


Managers’ Reception had a little unplanned trauma. The Old Mexico themed-event included a rodeo, and one of the riders broke his leg during the show. Of course, they ended up cancelling the rest of the rodeo, and we went into dinner. The rest of the evening—including entertainment—was a success, and in true form, demonstrators immediately started collecting money for the rider and asking for an address where they could send hand-stamped cards. I LOVE our demonstrators!

We had several fun announcements, including a Workshop of a Lifetime Recruiting Challenge, which will send me out in the field to do 24 workshops with 24 of our top recruiters. I can’t wait! One demonstrator told me that she called her husband and told him I was coming to their house to do a workshop (how’s that for positive thinking!), and he panicked because the house wasn’t clean! She has a few weeks to prepare! 

We also had several giveaways, including quilt blocks (which everyone loved) and a free sneak peek set from our next mini. The demonstrators went bananas over that, rocking back and forth and waving the sets in the air. I felt like I was at a rock concert—it was a great sight from the stage.


Personally I enjoy leadership because the group is smaller than convention, and I have a chance to visit with more demonstrators. Plus the curriculum feels more focused. Although there’s plenty of stamping, we really are committed to presenting material that we feel will help our leader demonstrators, and I felt like we hit the mark this year.

Congratulations to all those who helped make it happen, and THANK YOU to all our wonderful demonstrators who came and made it such a fabulous experience!