A Candy Cane Creation

As promised, here is Sara’s skirt that she wore at the US/Canadian convention this year. Hers is even  easier to make than mine was!

Start with eight bell-shaped pieces (four each of two patterns; we used the large-dot and small-dot fabrics). The dimensions will vary, of course, based on your individual measurements, but you can determine the width of each piece by taking your hip measurement, divide by 8, and then add a bit for the seam allowance. The length will depend on how long you want the skirt. (Sara’s skirt length was approximately 23 inches long.)

You’ll also need eight wedge-shaped pieces, approximately 9 inches wide and 15 inches high; these are the pieces that are inset along the bottom of the skirt and create fullness.  

You can add a zipper for a more fitted skirt, or you can use a drawstring, like we did on my skirt, for a looser style.

Sew all the pieces together, hem it, then add the accents. This is where you can truly be creative! For Sara’s skirt, we sewed grosgrain ribbon along the seams down to the top of the wedge pieces, and then we added buttons (alternating colors)—but you can do whatever you want! There are so many possibilities. . . .