A Home Office Halloween

Note: I couldn’t make it into the office today, but Sara and Shalae did—and I asked them to guest blog about our annual Halloween festivities.

Sara: Today was Stampin’ Up’s annual Halloween celebration—through the years, we’ve created quite a tradition. Many of the employees dress up—sometimes individually, while others get together and plan group costumes, even decorating their work areas. We even announce prizes for the best costumes. We also have a chili and soup lunch, along with delicious Halloween sugar cookies!

Many employees have treats at their desks, and employees bring their younger children in to trick or treat from desk to desk. I took Stella and Shelby in last year, but we didn’t stay long. All I can say is I really missed out! Being there just about the whole day today gave me a whole new perspective on how creative our employees can really be!

Shalae: I hate to admit it, but I’m kind of a Halloween Scrooge; it’s just not my favorite holiday. That said, I admit I was also impressed by how creative everyone was. Entire departments decorated their cubicles and went all-out on their costumes. There was an incredible masquerade, a couple of versions of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and an impressive Lord of the Rings ensemble, complete with movie trailer! And that was just a few of the group costumes. I can’t even begin to mention all the individual costumes. I was definitely amazed at the ideas people came up with!

Sara: We certainly saw some things today we never imagined we’d ever see! (We won’t name any names. . . .  your secret is safe with us!) And there was definitely a feeling of fun throughout the home office! I know where I can go next time I need a creative costume idea!

Shalae: I also really enjoyed the decorations around the office. We’ve had colorful banners hanging in the atrium area and vinyl decorations on several walls and doors for the past couple of weeks, to add to the festive feeling and kind of set the stage for today’s grand finale.

Sara and Shalae: Happy Halloween, everyone!