Grandma Week at the Hoopiiainas

Got back home last night after spending a fabulous week with our newest grandchild, Makai, and his proud parents and big brother.

I’ll share the highlights of a typical day:

  • Wake up
  • Fixed breakfast
  • Did a load of laundry
  • Burped baby
  • Changed diaper (can’t count the diapers I changed!)
  • Read with Kona (can’t count the books we read!)
  • Played games (probably could count the games. . . )
  • Fixed lunch
  • Changed diaper
  • Burped baby
  • Read with Kona
  • Played games
  • And so on, and so on.

I'm sure you get the pictures. And it sounds like it could have been a little monotonous, but it wasn’t at all. Nothing matters more to me than my family, so every moment was a blessing!

Shanna brought dinner each night, so I didn’t have to worry about that. And once in a while I snuck in a little reading in the middle of the night while I was burping the baby.

I must admit that I did enjoy my first night of uninterrupted sleep last night in a week, but even with that my week at the Hoopiiaina home was absolutely wonderful!