A Quiet Weekend

Friday morning, Shalae and the Brown grandchildren left for Savannah for a week—to give big hugs to their daddy, whom they haven’t seen for several weeks, and to bid a fond farewell to their Georgia home (something they didn’t get to do in May, when they thought they were just coming to visit for the summer).

Thursday evening they all ran frantically around the house, packing and getting ready and mostly letting out a lot of energy about the upcoming reunion with Jon. It was noisy and chaotic and exciting. Sterling and I helped when we could but mostly watched and thought, “It might be kind of nice to have a few quiet days alone!”

After they left, we talked about going out to eat and seeing movies and sneaking a few date nights (when they’re here, we tend to stick around instead of going out). While we’ve loved having them here, we had to admit that we were kind of looking forward to having our home all to ourselves again.

And that feeling lasted clear until Friday, early afternoon. . .

Yep, within a few hours of them leaving, the house was sounding way too quiet and the rooms were feeling way too empty! I was missing them already! 

We have gotten out a couple of times already, and I’ve enjoyed some highly productive work time (I’m sure there will be even more next week), but I’m ready for them to come back! Next Saturday won’t come soon enough for me!