Europe, Here I Come!

I’m heading off to our European convention today. And while I can’t wait to spend some time with our European demonstrators (it’s been WAY too long!), I’m a little sad. Sterling won’t be going with me; the doctor yesterday recommended he not travel with his broken collarbone. I’ll miss him—we haven’t spent a lot of time together lately, and I was looking forward to enjoying his company.

And I know our European demonstrators will miss him too!

On the bright side, hopefully I’ll catch up on lost sleep on the flight over. I didn’t go to bed until the wee, wee hours—those last-minute preparations for convention. Happens every time, even though I promise myself that next time I’ll be on top of things a little better. I can always dream, can’t I?

I probably won’t post again until I’m back. I am planning on sharing a little on Facebook though, so watch for updates there!