Dinner--At Last!

Last night all the Gardner adults went out to eat dinner for the first time in. . . well, so long that none of us can remember! Jon is home from Savannah for the holidays, Megan and Nate came up from Price for the weekend, and the rest of us were already in town—I enjoy having everyone together!

The company was wonderful, the food was delicious, and the entire evening was relaxing. We chatted about the upcoming holidays and scheduled a few family things, but mostly we just enjoyed being together.

I took a photo, of course, because since I’ve started the blog I take a LOT more photos than I ever did before! The kids made fun of me a little because earlier this week I texted them and asked them to all wear either neutral colors or brown tones. I had a page (plus three coordinating cards) that were created for a publication, but they ended up not being used.


I fell in love with the projects, though, and wanted to use them somewhere, so I decided I’d post them on my blog. However, I needed a reason to post them. I decided last night would be the perfect occasion! So we had a photo taken, and I came home after dinner and put it on the page!

And it’s a good thing I did, because the first heavy snowstorm of the season started last night while we were eating. We sat inside and watched the snow come down; it was beautiful and just added to the cozy atmosphere. (It wasn’t nearly so beautiful driving home in it!)

So the “fall” feel of these projects feels pretty much out of season, but I’m glad I got a chance to share them with you! I’m also glad I got to spend the evening with my family!