A Personal Delivery

Today was a wonderful day!

I don’t know if you noticed, but all day long we’ve been posting video blogs on our 10,000 recruits in 2010 website showing the personal delivery of a Stampin’ Up! Starter Kit to our 10,000th recruit—Farida, who lives in Coral Springs, Florida.

And guess who delivered the kit? Me!  

That’s right! We decided pretty early on that I would deliver the Starter Kit as a special surprise, and when we met our goal of 10,000 new demonstrators this weekend, we started the last-minute planning. We chartered a flight (originally that wasn’t part of the plans, but this close to Thanksgiving, plus flying across the country, we didn’t really have many other options!) for eight of us—me, Shalae, film crew, and several other excited home office staffers. We also invited Becky Roberts, the Stampin’ Up! demonstrator who recruited our 10,000th demonstrator, to come along.

We put together a few fun gifts, including a huge card signed by many of our home office employees, and started the countdown. Wouldn’t you know it—Murphy’s law went into effect, our Utah weather turned ugly with what forecasters called the “storm of the century!” Schools cancelled classes, businesses closed (we even sent our employees home early), and events were cancelled throughout the state. We found out Becky’s flight from Idaho (she lives in Boise) was cancelled, and we started wondering how we could rearrange things if the storm stopped us from flying—so close to Thanksgiving, we didn’t know what we would do!

I called Becky last night and told her we would miss her and we were so sorry. She was disappointed but gracious. Then we all crossed our fingers and waited to see what happened. Well, the storm came and went—an “epic fail” as far as storms of the centuries go. There was snow and wind and very cold temperatures, but all pretty normal for a Utah snowstorm.

So we got up early this morning and headed to the airport; we were supposed to take off at 7 a.m. When we got there, we were talking about what happened, and one of the pilots said, “Why don’t we just stop in Boise and pick Becky up?” (The beauty of chartering a flight!)

So I called Becky and asked if she could be ready in 45 minutes. “Give me 35!” was her reply!

We took off, landed in Boise, picked up Becky, refueled, and took off again to fly across the United States.

It took us a little longer to get to Florida than originally estimated, and federal regulations require that pilots only be on a charter flight for a specific period of time before taking a rest, so when we landed our pilot told us we had 1 hour and 5 minutes to get to Farida’s house and back or we’d be staying the night in Ft. Lauderdale. Nothing against Ft. Lauderdale, but it’s the night before Thanksgiving, and I think it’s safe to say none of us wanted to spend the night there.

As we quickly piled into a waiting van, the driver could tell we were a group on a mission and that he needed to get us to Farida’s house and back as quickly as possible! Once again, Murphy’s law took over. There was an accident right outside the airport, and there was no way around it. We simply had to crawl our way through the traffic, watching the clock, counting the minutes, and feeling the pressure rise.

By the time we got to Farida’s house (which was thankfully only a few miles away), we had 15 minutes. Yesterday, Becky had called Farida and told her that her Starter Kit would be arriving today and that she needed to be there when it was delivered. So once we got outside (we parked a few houses away), Becky called Farida and asked her if her kit had arrived.

“No,” Farida replied. “I’ve been going to the door every half hour or so to check!”

“Well, why don’t you go check outside now,” Becky suggested.

I think Farida might have suspected something at this point, but it didn’t matter because we were there on her doorstep!

It was a wonderful moment to be part of. Farida and Becky have been online stamping friends for two years but haven’t ever met.

They have a darling relationship, though, and they cried when they saw each other. Farida told Becky later that she was so excited to meet her (Becky) that she didn’t even notice I was there, and she hoped I wasn’t offended that she seemed more excited to meet Becky than me! Actually, nothing could make me happier than seeing a relationship between a demonstrator and her new downline member mean so much!

Well, the clock was ticking, so we exchanged hugs, took pictures, met Farida’s husband and darling two girls, and gave gifts—then jumped back in the car and sped back to the airport. We arrived with no time to spare, climbed back on the plane, and headed home.

As I look back on the day, I have to say I wouldn’t change a thing! It was nonstop, pressure-filled fun from morning to night! I traveled with fabulous people, we made a wonderful memory, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat! Congratulations, Farida and Becky! And congratulations—and thanks—to all our wonderful demonstrators (old and new) who helped us meet this goal!