Happy Thanksgiving--A Few Days Late

We had our “official” Thanksgiving dinner tonight, complete with turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and the works!

We waited until most of the girls could make it (Shanna is on her way home from spending the holiday with her in-laws in Florida and Megan and Nate are at home in Price), and I’m definitely glad we did it. It was a wonderful few hours spent with family and remembering everything that we are grateful for!


And it was a perfect day to be indoors—snowing and cold outside, warm and loving inside. Except for venturing out for church, we spent the whole day inside, getting ready for dinner. You know how that goes—work all day in the kitchen, and then it’s over in 15 minutes!

But I’m looking forward to the leftovers—turkey sandwich on Great Harvest bread, with real cranberries, cold dressing, cheese, and Miracle Whip. Mmmmmmmm. . . I’m ready for lunch tomorrow already!