Home from Addington

Was our European Convention in the most fabulous setting, or what? I took these photos the first day while we were finishing setting up. Once people started arriving, it got too busy to take photos. Plus, we hired a professional photographer to make sure we had the best photos, so I don’t have any with demonstrators in them. Sorry! But you can certainly get a feel for the incredible venue.

Addington Palace is an 18th-century palace in Surrey. . . simply stunning. I don’t typically take photos of our event settings, but Addington is a once-in-a-lifetime location, and I just couldn’t resist.

I mean, who would have ever imagined a Paper, Pad & Marker room like this. . . or a Memento Mall in a room like this?

And you probably think I’ve got a thing for ceilings because I took several ceiling shots, but how often do you see ceilings like this—they were incredible!

And since no 18th-century palace could be big enough for our group, our Main Stage activities were held in the “marque,” a tent-like structure outside. We were worried that it might rain (and it did!), so they created a temporary “hallway to heaven” (that’s what people called it) leading to the marquee. They really bent over backwards to make us feel welcome.

And the palace set the stage for a wonderful event. Of course, it wasn’t without its glitches—no event ever is. In fact, the venue itself presented some challenges—an 18th-century palace is missing some of the state-of-the-art technology you find in a lot of event facilities these days. And we were certainly cozy, but we had decided on the location quite some time ago, never guessing that we’d more than double in attendance in one year. Woo hoo! There are worse problems, for sure!

So, while we know there’s room for improvement (there always is!), overall we were very pleased! Presenters and presentations were fantastic, training was inspiring, new products were well received. . . the list of positive things was definitely more lengthy than the list of things we will work on! We felt great about the event, and it seemed like the demonstrators all had a good time as well.

My favorite part of this convention, as it is any Stampin’ Up! event, is the wonderful opportunity to spent time with our incredible demonstrators. Wherever I go, whatever country, whatever event, I am simply overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible people I get to work with. Thank you all, Stampin’ Up! staff and demonstrators, for an amazing time at Addington Palace.