A Weekend in New York

Shanna and I arrived in the Big Apple yesterday afternoon—the trip was fairly uneventful. We were both exhausted so took full advantage of the chance to sleep on the plane, and we arrived fairly refreshed and ready to hit the big city.

The most noteworthy aspect of the trip was lugging along the Stampin’ Up! display boards, which we brought to give to demonstrators who will be outside on the Rockefeller Plaza during the show on Monday morning—they were large (maybe five or six feet long by two feet wide) and cumbersome. We had to pay an extra baggage fee to bring them to New York City, and we had quite an adventure maneuvering them on airport escalators and hotel elevators. All I can say is I sure hope they show up on TV and they are definitely staying in New York!

After we checked into the hotel, we headed out to the street. We hoped to grab a quick bite (a high-heel sandwich—to die for!) at Serendipity, one of our favorite New York eating spots, before hitting a Broadway show (we had tickets for Wicked, a favorite!). We didn’t have reservations at the restaurant, but we hoped we’d be early enough that they could fit us in.

We waited for a taxi forever before finally deciding to hoof it—it was probably at least two miles one way and we hustled, making it in about half an hour. (I love traveling with Shanna because, like me, she walks fast! She also loves to visit with people we meet, and we share a love of great food, so I am so looking forward to this trip with her!) When we got there, the place was packed—at least a three- or four-hour wait! So we headed back, hoping to eat at a Chinese restaurant we like. Huge wait there too!


We finally found a cozy little Italian place on the way to the theatre, where we had a yummy dinner and chatted with a young couple who were away from their two children (ages 19 months and 9 months!) for the first time! After dinner, we made the show (love Wicked, just makes you feel happy when it’s over, like the world isn’t such a bad place), then came back to the hotel.

We don’t have much planned today, other than just enjoying the craziness of New York. We’re going to church, and we actually have reservations at one of our other favorite restaurants . . . Italian again, but that’s OK. We’ll stroll along . . . can you do that in New York—the streets are a sea of people, and there’s such an energy here, that stroll probably isn’t the right word . . . how about we’ll follow the herd? Whatever we end up doing, I’m sure it will be wonderful, and we’ll make sure we’re back early tonight so we get plenty of sleep for the show tomorrow!

I’m excited!